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The Real Estate 475 Class Notes web site was created for students or prospective students of Dr. Belloit's RE 475 classes. The site contains the notes from the lecture slides used in class. In some cases the graphic images have been included. However, you may wish to refer directly to the lecture slides to see the complete set of graphics.

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bulletCourse Introduction
bulletChapter 1:    Professional Property Management
bulletChapter 2:    Management Economics and Planning
bulletChapter 3:    Managing Owner Relations
bulletChapter 4:    Marketing Management
bulletChapter 5:    Managing Leases
bulletChapter 6:    Managing Lease Negotiations
bulletChapter 7:    Managing Tenant Relations
bulletChapter 8:    Managing Maintenance and Construction
bulletChapter 9:    Managing Reports and Insurance
bulletChapter 10:  Managing the Office
bulletChapter 11:  Managing State and Federal Laws
bulletChapter 12:  Managing Residential Property
bulletChapter 13:  Managing Specialized Housing
bulletChapter 14:  Managing Office Property
bulletChapter 15:  Managing Retail Property
bulletChapter 16:  Managing Industrial Property
bulletChapter 17:  Managing Life Safety and Environment


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