Name: Homework 31

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Question 1   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: When a corporation sells a property and leases it back, it is called a
    sale contract back.
conditional sale.
sale leaseback.
All of the above

Question 2   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: Technological changes make specialized industries susceptible to what kind of
    Functional obsolescence
Physical deterioration
Economic obsolescence
Locational obsolescence

Question 3   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: When two large industrial or business centers expand with allied businesses or plants on two
major arteries, this grouping will be called a(n)
    industrial park.
corridor development.
regional cooperation.
business park.

Question 4   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: Which of the following allows a company to import finished goods or component parts and to
warehouse them duty free until shipped?
    Industrial revenue bonds
Research and development
Private industry councils
Foreign trade zone

Question 5   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: What have been established in economically depressed areas in some states to encourage the
establishment of industry and business?
    Enterprise zones
Foreign trade zones
Incubator spaces
None of the above