Name: Homework 26

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Question 1   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: A major benefit to coop and condo owners is
    many participants in management decisions.
few confining rules and regulations.
numerous sources of income to keep down building expenses.
freedom from maintenance.

Question 2   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: A fee for an unbudgeted capital expenditure is called a(n)
    condominium fee.
special assessment.
fee for common elements.
ownership fee.

Question 3   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: Managers of coop and condo communities usually determine their fees by using a(n)
    operating budget.
income and expense statement.
five-year forecast of earnings.
management pricing worksheet.

Question 4   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: Condominium income is derived primarily from
    special assessments.
reserve funds left by developers.
owner's monthly assessments.
auxiliary services such as laundry facilities and vending machines.

Question 5   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: The federal government has programs that property managers can use to create drug-free
climates in the properties they manage. Which statement is correct?
    HUD has written a model paragraph to include in leases.
New laws have been written to allow police and housing inspectors to inspect certain
units under certain conditions.
All public housing authorities must certify a drug-free workplace.
All of the above