Name: Homework 20

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Question 1   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: The person responsible for interpreting income and expense reports is the
purchasing agent.
property manager.

Question 2   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: The person who would normally answer phone calls from tenants is the
    administrative assistant.
service request clerk.

Question 3   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: What is the main reason for opening a branch office?
    Not enough room at the main office
To handle new business
Increase space for more staff
More visibility in other parts of the community

Question 4   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: An example of direct costs include
    resident manager's salary.
corporate advertising.
accounting overhead.
general office overhead.

Question 5   Multiple Choice (1.0000 points)
  Question: The per-unit fee of a small property should be
    decreased in buildings with problem tenants.
increased due to inefficient decentralization.
decreased where there is deferred maintenance.
increased whenever possible.