Chapter 7:  Managing Tenant Relations

Establishing Sound Landlord-Tenant Relationship

l   Move-In Inspections (see form 7.1) Video?

l   Complex rules (see form 7.2)

l   Clear Understanding of Lease Terms

l   Professionalism of on-site manager

–   Visibility

–   Communication

l  Accessibility

l  Newsletters

–   Soliciting Tenant Input 

–   Cultivate Sense of Pride

Handling Maintenance Requests

l   Requests In Writing (see form 7.3)

–   Provides job control

–   Provides budget data base

–   Form should have time begun/ended

l   Speedy Response

l   Excessive Demands

l   Role of Maintenance Personnel

–   Service oriented

–   Security Issues

–   Inspection

l   Quality Control

Rent Collection

l   When to Pay

l   Encouraging Prompt Payments

l   Late Fees

l   Billing Notices

Lease Renewals

l   Value of Stable Tenants

l   Bargaining Factors

l   Concessions

–   Construction

–   Rental Rate Changes

l   Proper Notice

l   Competition

Rental Increases

l   Fact of Life

l   Avoiding Tenant Protests

l   Increase Services

Terminating the Tenancy

l   Required Notice

l   Exit Interview (see Form 7.4)

l   Fair Housing Compliance

l   Inspection of Premises

l   Return of Security Deposit

–   Retention for Damages

–   Last Month’s Rent

Terminating the Tenancy in Court

l   Reasons for Eviction

l   Notice Before Eviction Suit  (see Forms 7.5, 7.6)

l   Eviction Suit

l   Process

l   Actual Removal