Chapter 10
Managing the Office and Computers

Establishing the management office

l   Location

l   Layout


l   Lease files

l   General correspondence

l   Work estimates and work orders

l   Financial

l   Permanent file

l   Equipment files

l   Personnel files

l   Dead Files


l   Office

l   Mechanical system controllers

l   Networking

   Local Area Networks (LAN)

   Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Staffing the Management Office

l   Executive manager

l   Field supervisor

l   Operations manager

l   On-site managers

l   Purchasing agent

l   Office manager/comptroller

l   Cashier/bookkeeper

l   Clerical

l   Direct costs, Indirect costs (allocation with other divisions), Variable costs

Determining the management fee

l   Per-unit-cost

l   Percentage fee

l   Management pricing worksheet  (See Form 10.3)