Lecture Notes

Chapter 1 and Introduction:  Introduction
Chapter 2:  Regulation of Appraisal Profession and Appraisal Standards
Chapter 3:  Value Theory
Chapter 4:  Appraisal Principles
Chapter 5:  Reconciliation, Value Conclusions, and Appraisal Reports
Chapter 6:  Basics of Construction
Chapter 7:  Market Analysis
Chapter 8:  Site and Improvement Analysis
Chapter 9:  Comparable-Sales Analysis
Chapter 10:  Site Valuation
Chapter 11:  Cost-Depreciation Analysis:  Reproduction Cost Estimation
Chapter 12:  Cost-Depreciation Analysis:  Estimation of Accrued Depreciation
Chapter 13:  Appraisal Mathematics and Real Estate Finance
Chapter 14:  Income Estimation And Analysis
Chapter 15:  Capitalization rates
Chapter 16:  Capitalization of Site Income
Chapter 17:  Statistical Analysis in Appraisal
Chapter 18:  Special Applications of Appraisal