Income Property Exam III Keyword List
1.Locational obsolescence
2.adjusted sale price
3.alpha constant
4.annual sinking fund reserve for replacements
5.Asphalt shingle
6.balance remaining on a loan
7.before-tax cash flow
8.below grade
9.beta coefficient
10.Bui-t-up tar and gravel
12.Cedar shake shingles
13.coefficient of determination
14.comparative unit
15.Concrete barrel tile
16.correlating valuation approaches
17.cost estimate
18.cost to cure
19.cost to reproduce or replace
20.Cost indexes
21.cost-depreciation approach
24.economic obsolescence
25.effective age
26.effective gross income
27.effective gross income
28.escalation clause
29.escape clause
30.external obsolescence
31.External obsolescence
32.External obsolescence
33.External obsolescence
35.flat roof
36.footing and piling
37.footings and piles
38.form report
39.functional obsolescence
40.functional obsolescence
41.Functional obsolescence
42.Functional obsolescence
43.future value of a lump sum
44.gross income
45.gross income multiplier analysis
46.highest and best use
47.highest and best use
49.HVAC system
50.income-capitalization approach
51.income-capitalization approach
53.Internal obsolescence provisions
55.letter report
56.Lo-d-bearing room partitions amortization
58.locational deterioration
59.maintenance expense expense
61.mansard conditions adjustment
63.Market value
65.narrative report income present value
68.operating expenses
69.oral report
70.physical deterioration
71.physical life
72.Physical deterioration
74.potential gross income
75.present value of a lump sum
76.principle of anticipation
77.principle of balance
78.principle of increasing and decreasing returns to scale
79.principle of substitution
80.principle of substitution
81.principle of supply and demand
82.quantity survey
83.reconstructed operating statement
84.remaining economic life
85.renewal option
86.roof covers
87.roof styles
88.sales-comparison approach
89.slab construction
90.slope of a regression line
92.standard deviation
93.straight-line recapture rate
95.Superstructure plates
97.truss roof
98.types of wiring
99.Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
101.units of comparison
102.value in exchange
103.value in use
104.Window and door lintels