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Homework 9

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  1. Off-site improvements include which of the following?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  Driveways
    b.  Roads
    c.  Public Utilities
    d.  Septic tank
    e.  Nearby recreation center
  2. An examination of which of the following may give an approximate date of construction?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  The kind of tile used in the kitchen
    b.  The type of shingles used on the roof
    c.  The underside of the toilet tank lid
    d.  The construction date on the property appraiser's property card
    e.  The property survey
  3. Which of the following are important physical considerations for site analysis?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  size
    b.  location
    c.  shape
    d.  subsoil
    e.  topography
  4. An analysis of which of the following would normally be a part of Legal, Governmental, Political analysis?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  code enforcement trend
    b.  zoning laws
    c.  master plan analysis
    d.  tax burden analysis
    e.  crime statistics for neighborhood
  5. Improvement analysis includes study of which of the following?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  Mechanical systems
    b.  Functional obsolescence
    c.  Physical deterioration
    d.  Tax burden study
    e.  Superadequacies

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