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Homework 7

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  1. Which of the following are likely to be considered base industries in most communities?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  elementary and secondary schools
    b.  manufacturing concerns
    c.  large-scale farming
    d.  fast food restaurants
    e.  newspaper publishing
  2. Which of the following should be an important consideration by an appraiser in the appraisal of an 10 unit apartment rental property near the university?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  FIRPTA
    b.  Clean Air Act
    c.  Federal Income Tax Regulations
    d.  Local zoning regulations
    e.  Local Wage Tax regulations
  3. Stages in the neighborhood life cycle include:
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  concept
    b.  development
    c.  stability
    d.  decline
    e.  redevelopment
  4. An analysis of which of the following would normally be a part of neighborhood analysis of an area with largely rental homes?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  price ranges of properties in the neighborhood
    b.  average marketing times in the neighborhood
    c.  vacancy rates in the neighborhood
    d.  an occupancy profile of residents in the neighborhood
    e.  typical financing used in the neighborhood
  5. Adjustment studies include which of the following?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  Market conditions study
    b.  Location study
    c.  Financing study
    d.  Tax burden study
    e.  Physical features study

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