Chapter 6
Basics of Construction

Regulation of Construction--building codes

u   Building codes establish community standards for the quality of construction

u   The purpose of building codes is to protect the public from lower quality construction that might pose a threat to public safety.

u   Examples:

u  elevated porch decking

u  insulation

u  wiring codes

The Construction Process--basic steps

u   Planning, engineering, contracting

u   Site preparation--clearing, excavation

u   Foundation preparation

u   Exterior wall construction

u  Masonry

u  Frame

u   Roof

u   Interior walls and finish

u   Mechanical systems

Clearing and Excavation

u   Site Planning

u  Drainage

u  Vegetation

u  Construction material and equipment placement

u   Grading

u   Foundation Preparation

u  Depth (below frost line)

u  Water pumping

u   Lateral Support Obligations

Footers and Foundations

u   Basement Foundations

u   Crawl Space Foundations

u   Slab-on-Grade Foundations

u   Floating slabs

Foundation Details




u   Stud selection--2X4 vs 2X6

u  Wood

u  Metal

u   Platform construction

u   Balloon construction

u   Post-and-beam construction

Platform Construction


Balloon Construction


Masonry construction

u   Concrete Block

u   Brick

Brick Patterns


Floor Construction

u   Pre-cast

u   Joists


Floor Construction Details

Interior Wall Construction

u   Drywall

u   Plaster

u   Paneling

Roof construction

u   Joist and rafter

u   Truss systems

u   Sloped Roof Joist

Roofing Systems