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Homework 1

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  1. The three phases of the real estate decision making cycle are:
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  advertising
    b.  alienation
    c.  associative
    d.  administrative
    e.  acquistion
  2. Which of the following are included in an analysis of the investor goals and constraints?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  The assets available to the investor
    b.  The investor's investment experience
    c.  The expected risk exposure for the investor
    d.  The investor's return requirements
    e.  The investor's alienation form
  3. Investor advantages of real estate investment include:
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  pride of ownership
    b.  management burden
    c.  estate (wealth) building
    d.  high leverage opportunities
    e.  federal income tax subsidies
  4. Which of the following are a concern for both the purchase and sell of a real estate investment?
    (Check all that apply)
    a.  Marketing the property
    b. Closing the sell
    c. Negociation of the contract
    d. Management transfer
    e. Leasing the property
  5. Historically investor disadvantages of real estate investment include:   (Check all that apply)
    a.  lack of liquidity
    b.  capital appreciation
    c.  actual depreciation
    d.  government regulation
    e.  lack of sufficient knowledge of real estate

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