TVM Homework

These homework assignments have two goals. First, they are designed to teach you the fundamentals of time value of money. Secondly, they are designed to familiarize the student with the operation of their financial calculator. As indicated on the syllabus, the HP 10B calculator is highly recommended. If you choose to use and other financial calculator, please show the calculator to the instructor for his approval.

An extensive HP 10B calculator tutorial is available on the course web site. You are required for this project to complete the entire tutorial even if you do not use the HP 10B calculator. You’ll find that most of the material will also be relevant to whatever financial calculator you may choose.

This project should be begun early in the course. There will be several project submissions prior to the end of the class. If you began working on this early, you’ll have no trouble completing the material by the end of the course. Below is a table indicating the relevant topics to be covered in the time value money tutorial along with the corresponding project submission. Also included are the dates you should have completed the material.


TVM Assignment

Due Date


Assignment #1

Jan 24


Assignment #2

Jan 26

Basic Calculator Use
Basic Skills Test

Assignment #3

Jan 31

Financial Keys Use

Assignment #4 Feb 2
Future Value of Lump Sum
Solving for I/yr and years
Assignment #5 Feb 7
Present Value of Lump Sum Assignment #6 Feb 14
Future Value of an Annuity
Sinking Fund Payment
Assignment #7 Feb 16
Present Value of an Annuity
Mortgage Payment
Assignment #8 Mar 6
Recognizing Word Problems
Word Problem Skill Test 1
Assignment #9 Mar 8
Word Problem Skill Test 2 Assignment #10 Mar 13
Calculation of APR Assignment #11 Mar 15
Calculation of NPV and IRR Assignment #12 Mar 27
Calculation of FMRR Assignment #13 Apr 10