Investments Final Exam Keyword List      

            Neighborhood center

            Advertizing fees

            Bocki approach

            Budget Mortgages

            Characteristics of apartment investment

            Classification of property for tax purposes

            Coefficient of variation

            Commercial lease

            Common area maintenance

            Community offices


            Corporate headquarters offices

            Corrective maintenance

            Credit worthiness


            Flexible Loan Insurance Program

            Four "P's" of a market analysis

            Functions of the property manager

            Graduated Payment Mortgages

            Harlodsen approach

            Hotels and motels


            Industrial properties

            Investor motivations

            Investor disadvantages for real estate investment

            Lease terms

            Measure of risk

            Net income multiplier

            Net present value

            New construction maintenance

            Nickerson approach

            Office buildings

            Operating expenses

            Optimal vacancy and collection loss



            Population projection

            Portfolio adjustment

            Preventative maintenance

            Property life cycle


            Reasons for investing in real estate

            Regional center

            Remora center

            Reserve for replacement

            Routine maintenance

            Shared appreciation mortgage

            Shopping centers

            Specialty center

            Standard Deviation

            Strategies for optimal portfolio balance

            Suburban offices

            Tenant selection

            Types of investment properties


            Underwriting the risk of a potential investment

            Urban (downtown) offices


            What is the expected FMRR

            What is the expected IRR