Chapter 13
The Brokerage Office

Facility Management:
Factors Influences Office Location

*   Cost

*   Demographics [Is the area growing? Are the people who are moving into the area the clients that you want to target?]

*   Access (ingress and egress)

*   Location of ancillary services

*   Attorney

*   Title company

Factors Influences Office Location

*   Attraction

*   There is relatively little walk-in traffic to worry about.

*   An attractive location is primarily used for name recognition

*   Ease of finding office through telephone directions

*   Locations within a complex

*   Shopping center locations

*   Office park locations

*   Free standing locations

*   Office hours

Furnishing and Equipment

*   Should be business-like and tasteful but not luxurious

*   Comfort and functional efficiency are important

*   Furnishings should be appropriate to the person's status in the firm. (eg. the office manager's furnishing should be a little nicer that the salesperson's)

Office Layout and Space Planning

*   Reception area

*   Receptionist screens all visitors

*   Should be open to broker's office, conference room and "bullpen"

*   Usually licenses will be displayed in this area

*   Should have comfortable space for customers waiting

*   Principal broker's office

*   Should have privacy available

*   Should be able to oversee office activities

*   Should be readily accessible

*   Conference room

*   Should be large enough to have conference table

*   The room should also accommodate a television and VCR

*   Wall colors should be warm and conservative

*   Storage

Records Management

*   Listings

*   Sales contracts

*   Escrow disbursements

*   Filing system

*   Computerization

*   Hardware

*   Software

*   Backups for data

*   Backup hardware