Practice Final Exam Keyword List

bulletcredit investigation
bulletagency relationship requirements
bulletamortization schedule
bulletamortized mortgage
bulletblanket mortgage loans
bulletbudget (PITI) mortgage
bulletbuyer's market
bulletcalculation of external obsolescence
bulletcalculation of the overall rate
bulletCertified General Appraiser
bulletconstruction loans
bulletconstruction quantity take-off method
bulletcontract is revoked
bulletcost approach
bulletCredit rating report
bulletcurable and incurable
bulletdeposit verification
bulletduty of loyalty
bulletduty of reasonable care
bulleteconomic (or external) obsolescence
bulleteffective annual interest cost (APR)
bulleteffective demand
bulletestimating depreciation
bulletestoppel clause
bulletExclusive agency.
bulletExclusive right of sale.
bulletExternal obsolescence
bulletFannie Mae
bulletfixed-rate mortgage loans
bulletflexible (variable) rate mortgage
bulletfour "P's" of a market analysis
bulletFreddie Mac
bulletfunctional obsolescence
bulletGinnie Mae
bulletGraduated Payment Mortgages
bulletgross rent multiplier
bulletGrowing Equity Mortgage
bulletHighest and best use
bullethome equity loan
bulletincome-capitalization approach
bulletInsurance escrow
bulletlaw of agency
bulletline of credit
bulletlisting contract
bulletloan underwriting process
bulletlong-lived and short-lived
bulletmortgage holding or investment
bulletmortgage loan origination
bulletmortgage loan servicing
bulletmortgage placement
bulletmortgage rates
bulletMortgage bankers
bulletmost probable sales price
bulletMultiple listing.
bulletNet listing.
bulletoccupancy rate
bulletopen-end mortgage
bulletpackage mortgage
bulletpartially amortized mortgage
bulletparticipation mortgage
bulletphysical deterioration
bulletpurchase money mortgage loans
bulletquantity-in-place (square foot) technique
bulletreal estate product
bulletreplacement cost
bulletriskiness of mortgages
bulletRoutine maintenance
bulletsales-comparison adjustments
bulletsecondary mortgage market
bulletShared Appreciation Mortgage
bulletstraight term mortgage
bulletsubordination agreement
bulletTax escrow
bullettermination of listing
bullettitle defect
bulletunit-in-place method
bulletValue in exchange
bulletValue in use