Practice Exam III Keyword List

bulletCurable functional obsolescence
bulletaccrued depreciation
bulletadjusted sale price
bulletadjustment for market conditions
bulletalienation clause
bulletballoon or partially amortized loan
bulletblanket mortgage
bulletbudget mortgage
bulletcalculation of monthly payment
bulletCalculation of APR
bulletcomputation of a growth rate
bulletConditions of sale
bulletCorrective maintenance
bulletcost-depreciation approach
bulletcredit report
bulletCurable physical deterioration
bulleteconomic obsolescence
bulletelements of comparison
bulletequity funds
bulletexternal obsolescence
bulletfinal estimate of value
bulletFinancing terms
bulletflexible-payment mortgage
bulletfully amortized
bulletfunctional obsolescence
bulletgross income
bulletgross income multiplier
bulletgross rent multiplier
bulletincome-capitalization approach
bulletIncurable functional obsolescence
bulletIncurable physical deterioration
bulletindicated value by the cost-depreciation approach
bulletInsured loans
bulletinvestment value
bulletloan package
bulletloan-to-value ratio
bulletlocational obsolescence
bulletmanagement contract
bulletmarket value
bulletMarket conditions
bulletNew construction maintenance
bulletopen-end mortgage
bulletoperations manual
bulletpackage mortgage
bulletpaired sales analysis
bulletpartial release clause
bulletparticipation agreement
bulletpersonnel section
bulletphysical deterioration
bulletPhysical characteristics
bulletpresent value of a lump sum
bulletpresent value of an annuity
bulletPreventative maintenance
bulletprice paid
bulletproperty appraisal
bulletpurchase money mortgage
bulletquantity in place
bulletquantity survey
bulletreproduction cost
bulletRoutine maintenance
bulletsales-comparison approach
bulletsandwich lease
bulletsegregated cost breakdown
bulletShared appreciation mortgages
bullettenant relations
bulletunit in place
bulletvalue in use
bulletvariable rate mortgage
bulletwhat type of an adjustment
bulletwraparound mortgage