Name: Homework 2

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Question 1   Multiple Answer (1 points)
  Question: In a retirement community like St. Petersburg, Florida, its population pyrimid would have which of the following characteristics?
(Check all that apply)
    It would be flatter than average
It would be taller than average
It would be about average
The male side would be larger
The female side would be larger


Question 2   Multiple Choice (1 points)
  Question: Examples of special purpose properties include
    a residence converted to a doctor's office
a golf course
a petroleum refinery
all of the above


Question 3   Multiple Choice (1 points)
  Question: The business of developing and constructing new properties is dependent upon
    the wearing out of existing properties.
population growth.
increasing incomes.
changing technology, customs, traditions, and mores.
all of the above.


Question 4   Multiple Choice (1 points)
  Question: The strength of the economic base of a community can be most easily measured by:
    employment in service (non-base) industries
employment in exporting (base) industries
government employment
total area population
none of the above


Question 5   Multiple Choice (1 points)
  Question: When demand exceeds supply at the current price, price tends to
impossible to tell
stay stable