TVM Basics

The HP10B calculator is a calculator designed for assisting business decisions.  Specifically, the calculator is particularly useful in financial analysis and elementary statistical analysis.  This site will focus upon the time value of money function of the calculator.   Using the HP10B calculator will make solving time value of money problems both easy and fun! 

This web site is designed as a tutorial for students of Dr. Belloit's real estate classes.  This site will not actually do calculations for you.  It is only designed to assist you in learning how to operate the calculator and to teach you some of the basics of time value of money.

TVM Basics (Basic Time Value of Money Principles)
In order to be successful in working time value of money problems, you may wish to review some basic time value of money principles. 

After you have reviewed the basics of time value of money, to learn how to use your calculator, choose either the:





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